Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo(BPPV), ear-borne dizziness It is the most common cause of discomfort. It is thought to affect about one in every 1000 people. It is more common in women than men and causes complaints most frequently in the age range of 30-50 years. “ crystal play” or ” crystal shiftThis condition, also called ”, is caused by tiny masses ( canaloliths) in the balance organ semicircular canals It is thought to be caused by the fact that it moves freely in it. Channeloliths are the most common posterior ( posterior) although located in the semicircular canal lateral(side) and top ( superior) can also be seen in semicircular canals.

BPPV patients are usually with head movementswhere they sleep rotationwith, getting out of bedThey complain of a vertigo that becomes evident in such situations, usually activated by a single movement. Vertigo It occurs suddenly and usually lasts less than 1 minute. Although the onset and end of the attacks are clear, there is a difference between the attacks. imbalancedizzinesssensation can be seen.

Diagnosis is usually the patient’s history and Dix HallpikeIt is placed with a maneuver called a maneuver. videonystagmographyIt is also a tool used for diagnosis.

While a significant portion of the patients recover spontaneously, some canalolith positioning maneuver ( Epley benefit from treatment maneuvers called therapeutic maneuvers. Very few patients require more invasive or surgical treatments.

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