Belief in Value; Importance, acceptance and balance

The belief in worthiness is the importance and acceptance of the way we are. This importance and acceptance stands in balance with the harmony of the sounds in the outer world and the inner world. If we have a self-belief of worthiness, we have a center according to our own belief, not according to what the other does to us. This center does not change under certain conditions and conditions, in certain places and times, so that it does not change according to where the other puts us, but it does not stay where the other does not show importance and acceptance.

Surrounding the self with importance and acceptance creates a protective wall that prevents the state we are from being battered by requirements, standards, and judgments. Sometimes it prevents you from hurting yourself because of conscience, sometimes responsibility, sometimes right or wrong.

It protects, arms, from the formation of poles in your life.

However, the sense of worthiness can sometimes be confused with narcissistic defenses, and sometimes with avoidance and detachment reactions.

If the sense of worthiness is in a difficult place in your life, you can observe it with the following attitudes and behaviors;

– Excessive effort to be successful or not trying to be successful at all; overworking or not trying at all

– Not taking responsibility for life, avoidance in decision-making processes, excessive orientation towards others; to feel like a victim in the face of the consequences of these and to feel a sense of injustice

– To take responsibility for the life of others, to do what needs to be done for them; to put pressure on it, not to recognize the space

– Denying reality; assessing it as extremely bad or good

– To be resistant to change; not taking risks or experiencing sudden changes

– Establishing relationships with bossy, arrogant or reckless attitudes,

– Being overly reactive or callous towards others

– Comparing yourself with others; positioning yourself accordingly,

– Black and white way of thinking; thinking that a person’s actions may make them completely worthless or valuable

– personalizing the critical, judgmental thoughts of others,

– Rapid triggering of feelings of fear, confusion, panic

– Don’t be closed to the opinions of others with “should-should”, “if I wish” “yes but”

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