Being able to say no

Are you really free? For example, what do you understand by freedom? Freedom is not about being unlimited as many of you think, on the contrary, it is about having clear and strong boundaries. So to the extent that you can say no, you will claim your freedom. Remember that freedom and self-confidence not only increase your quality of life, but also repair your conflicts and conflicts about yourself in all areas, from your private relationships to your social relationships, from your business life to your home life.

Problems in the formation of self-perception cause you to become someone whose boundaries can be easily violated. Your limits are who you are. It is very important for your physical and psychological health to establish your boundaries and to protect them decisively.

Those who cannot say no, to the extent that they allow their boundaries to be violated, suffer from loss of self and begin to experience some psychological and physical problems. Stuttering, neck pain, nausea, stomach cramps, gastritis, stress-related hair and skin rashes, psoriasis, low back and neck stiffness, anger outbursts, personality disorders, panic attacks, depression…

Saying no is taking a strong stance towards life. It can be hard to say no at times. When it is necessary to make a choice, decisions are made with many motivations. The choice oscillates between the two pans of a scale.

What are the side effects of not being able to say no?

  1. You waste time doing things you don’t want to do.

  2. Your energy starts to run out in unnecessary areas.

  3. You start to lose your self-respect.

  4. You violate your personal boundaries with your own hands, which in the long run even turns into a problem of self.

  5. Your communication skills will be dulled.

  6. You become trapped in an anxious mood-state.

  7. You walk away from real life.

  8. The intimacy with yourself is shaken and you become alienated from yourself.

There is no unimportant no. It doesn’t matter, it’s a substitute sentence for those who can’t say no. Those who say yes to be loved more end up alone. Business even turns into an effort to please everyone.

If you always say yes to something you don’t want to do, if you are afraid to say no for fear of losing, if your effort to make others happy is exaggerated, if you feel guilty when you say no, if you always try to be compatible and make people love you, if you take on the responsibilities that you cannot do without blinking and regret later, if you don’t want to do anything If you have to do things you don’t want to do, if saying no equates to being bad for you, if you can’t set your limits, if you’re afraid of missing out on opportunities, you’re a typical member of the Can’t Say No Club.

Being able to say no is a powerful deterrent. It expands your field of view. It allows you to see your life more clearly. When you put the word no into your life, your yes will increase. “Yes, I am happier”, “Yes, I feel better”, “Yes, I am more determined”, “Yes, I know who I am”, “Yes, I am aware of what I want and what I do not want”, ” ‘Yes, I am respected’, ‘Yes, I am more expressive’, ‘Yes, I am calmer and less stressed’.

When you can’t say no:

1. Your personal boundaries are violated.

2. Your stress and workload increase.

3. Your friendships and relationships will suffer.

4. You will incur financial losses.

When you learn to say no to things you don’t want, you discover yourself. That’s when you become completely yourself, not who others want you to be. Being able to say no allows you to set your limits. No one can interfere in your life unless you want them to, they know where to stand. Because you have already taught them that. It is possible to establish healthier, more productive, creative and happy relationships in all areas of your life.

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