Being able to communicate effectively with our children

Communication; It is an action we use to express our feelings and thoughts. Effective communication is the ability to convey the message we want to give to the other party in the clearest way by using both our verbal and body language correctly. People feel comfortable with people they feel sincere and sincere, and so do children. Therefore, the first step in effective communication with our children is to act naturally and sincerely.

When communicating with our children, paying attention to their individual characteristics and developmental levels, taking care to be honest and sincere, and being there for them when they need it will help them feel more secure. In addition, showing interest and compassion at every opportunity, addressing them with words of love, making appreciative comments, and making them feel unconditionally loved will strengthen the bond we establish with them.

Another step to effective communication is to actively listen to our children. Children want to feel that what they say is heard and that their ideas and opinions are valued. For this reason, encouraging them to express themselves while communicating with them and showing that we care about their opinions will help them to be more open and clear with us.

In addition, our efforts to show understanding and patience as much as possible without allowing them to violate our boundaries will help them avoid problems with the rules, develop their self-discipline skills, and become responsible individuals.

When our children have problems with their friends, we advise them to stay calm, give advice to understand what is happening without judging people, and show them empathy and produce solutions instead of being accusatory, which will improve their conflict resolution skills. This will allow them to establish more sincere relations with us and with their friends. Spending quality time with our children will help us get to know them better and see their strengths and weaknesses better. Supporting them with the right activities will strengthen their physical, mental, social and emotional development.

As Parents, What Can We Do With Our Children During Summer Vacation?

We can try to produce activities that our children can enjoy. We can go swimming together, eat at the places he likes, cook together, go to a concert, visit historical places.

We can give them the opportunity to meet their loved ones. Meetings with friends will help them feel better.

We can create environments where you can make room for them and yourself. We can watch movies that can be a source of motivation. We can play non-mechanical games such as backgammon, puzzles, chess.

We can guide them to do physical exercise. Physical activities allow you to forget the sources of stress. Regular exercise will be good for your child.

We can negotiate screen time with them before the summer vacation starts. They may want to spend time in the digital world on more screens during the summer holidays. That’s why we can take care to make joint decisions with them before the holiday starts.

We can encourage our children to read regularly. Together we can go to bookstores, visit libraries, help her choose the books she likes, and talk about the book she’s reading.

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