Bedwetting problem in children (enuresis)


Having a child is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Parents try to offer their children every opportunity they have. However, when they are confused about what to do in the face of some special problems they see in their children and try to solve the problems with the old methods (the information they learned from their own families or the information they heard from the environment), they may face some unexpected results and be frustrated.
The most common of these problems is “bed-wetting”, that is, with its medical equivalent, “enuresis”.
Generally, children complete toilet training between the ages of 2-4. If he has never wet the bed for about a year after he has fully gained toilet training, and then suddenly starts wetting during the day / night or in both time periods and this behavior occurs at least twice a week for at least three months, it is called bedwetting (enuresis). we say. This behavior should not be due to a medical condition.

About 20% of children in our country have this problem. It is more common in boys than girls.

Bedwetting is an involuntary reaction to a number of undesirable negative situations in the child’s life. Therefore, each bedwetting problem needs to be examined and solved for the child.
The psychological causes of bedwetting can be listed as follows:
1. Indifference / neglect
2. Living separately from parents
3. Parental incompatibility
4. Adding a new sibling to the family
5. School problems
6. A sad, shocking and traumatic event
7. Fearful events during the day.
8. Changes in his life that he finds difficult to accept (hospitalization, starting a nursery/school, change of home, loss or separation of a family member, divorce of parents, etc.)
9. Early and strict toilet training.
10. Overprotective and tolerant attitudes of the family

If the problem is not intervened in the appropriate time and by appropriate means;
1. Decreased self-esteem in children,
2. Lack of self-confidence,
3. Shame
4. Besides problems with social identity
5. It causes serious problems between the parent and the child. Although some parents have various opinions that the problem may resolve itself or disappear with adolescence, it would be a wrong attitude to leave the solution to time. It will cause problems for both the child and the family.

1. Try to remain calm in the face of the problem – without panic, without exaggerating the situation and without frightening the child.
2. The first thing to do should be to consult a pediatrician to find out if it is due to a physiological reason.
3. In cases where it is not caused by a physiological problem, it should be noted that the problem of bedwetting is only a symptom. The underlying cause needs to be investigated.
4. When the cause of this problem is clarified, it will be easier to reach the solution of the problem.
5. In cases where you cannot identify the cause with a healthy perspective or you know the reason but do not know how to solve it, it would be appropriate to seek support from a specialist.

Methods used in treatment; family counseling, behavioral therapy and play therapy.

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