Dietitian Merve Sayın, emphasizing the need to pay attention to nutrition during the summer period, said that alcoholic and acidic beverages should be avoided since the consumption of liquid foods is of great importance in the summer period.

Sayin, one of his dietitians, stated that the most important points in summer nutrition are to take plenty of fluids and to prefer low-fat foods. “It is important for us to eat foods that are easy to digest and contain plenty of water. Again, warmer weather causes our body to lose minerals such as water, sodium and potassium. Therefore, plenty of fluids should be taken. Since the consumption of liquid foods is of great importance in the summer period, avoid alcoholic and acidic beverages.” Drinks such as soda, ayran and water can be preferred instead. We say that in this season, especially cold soups, vegetable dishes, yoghurt, tzatziki, compote, milk dessert, salad and similar foods should be consumed abundantly in summer. Do not skip meals, make sure to add snacks “The summer period is a period when it is desired to add snacks in the diet, as in the winter period, and the variety in other vegetables and fruits increases a little more in this period. That’s why we definitely want to add fruits and vegetables in the snacks. We say not to eat too much fat.”Saying that overeating fatty foods in the summer months can make people more uncomfortable, Sayın continued his words as follows: “In this period, we want them to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Again, we call attention to the consumption of sugary foods. Preferring milk desserts, ice creams, seasonal vegetables and fruits instead of sherbet foods will meet the daily amount required. That’s why people actually get plenty of exercise as the weather warms up as much as they can. In the same way, it will be sufficient for the summer months to prefer our fruits with less sugar content, to have their main meals fully, to have a snack after an hour or two and to consume plenty of liquids.


Stating that frying is one of the most desired food types in the summer months, Mr. Sayın continued his words as follows: “The interest in frying increases a little more. Grilling and grilling vegetables instead of using vegetable and animal fat will increase the saturation threshold and prevent harmful microorganisms from entering the body. Therefore, as we said, attention should be paid to cooking methods. Again, one of the biggest problems we encounter in the summer months is food poisoning. This is because microorganisms can grow much faster in hot conditions. That’s why people need to store the food they prepare as best they can, and let’s pay attention to that.”

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