Balloon Synoplasty

Sinusitis is a very common and common disease that disrupts the daily lives of many of us and takes away the power to work.
When it becomes chronic, it is a disease that may require surgery for its treatment. air in the facial bones
cavities (sinuses) have many important functions that we do not realize when we are healthy.
Such as humidifying, filtering, warming the air we breathe, shaping our tone of voice…
strictures and obstructions in the channels they open to the nose cause them to not be able to fulfill their duties and often
they cause some complaints that make the person very uncomfortable.

Sinusitis symptoms can be simple complaints such as malaise, fatigue, fullness in the head, and nasal discharge.
It may also appear as severe headache, eye pain, nasal congestion. non-chronic acute
Treatment of sinusitis is often drug therapy. It is necessary if there is an allergic background that may lead to chronicity.
The progression of the disease can be stopped by taking precautions or allergy treatments. However, in chronic sinusitis
In addition to drug treatment, surgical opening of the channels of the sinuses into the nasal cavity
may be required. Endoscopic devices are the most advanced surgical method used so far in this regard.
surgical interventions performed with the help of

When the balloon synoplasty technique is selected and used in appropriate patients, it is used both in terms of duration and in the nose.
By eliminating the risks of surgery without damaging its structures and sinus canal,
starts a new era in the treatment of sinusitis.

Balloon synoplasty technique can be applied by very few physicians all over the world and in our country.
Of course, it will become widespread in time and patients suffering from sinusitis can benefit from this comfortable treatment.
will be able to access the method.

The main problem in chronic sinusitis is that there is not enough air in the sinuses due to the obstruction in the sinus canals.
is not reachable. The basic principle of balloon sinoplasty is to use thin catheters without damaging the tissues.
To reach the sinus canal with the help of the clogged area and expand the disease is to provide recovery.

Can balloon sinoplasty be applied to every patient with sinusitis?
Balloon synoplasty technique alone is not sufficient in patients with polyps and ethmoid sinusitis. this type
endoscopic sinus surgery should be applied in patients.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital in the balloon synoplasty technique?
This technique is extremely easy to apply and does not require the person to stay in the hospital.
4-5 hours after the application, the person can continue his daily life.

Is there pain in patients who underwent balloon synoplasty?
In sinusitis surgeries performed until now, nasal packing was applied. Balloon synoplasty
Since no incision is made on the tissues, there is no bleeding and therefore no buffering is applied. This
therefore there is no pain.

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