A balanced diet is essential for a healthy and quality life. At the root of the diseases of the age we live in, there are effective reasons due to the change in the diet. Cancer, diabetes and obesity are seen as the most common diseases of the 2000s. The change in nutrition experienced in the development process of human beings has been shaped as required by the age, some people have become more conscious, and some people have chosen unhealthy ways by keeping up with the pace of the age and ignoring the importance of nutrition.

Among the things that a newborn child will learn from his family, the diet takes place in the first place as it is the basic need of life. In this case, the first duty of the family should be to teach their children about a healthy and balanced diet. People who want to keep their quality of life high can say hello to a new life with a little cleaning in their refrigerators.

A nutrition program filled with balanced, distributed foods throughout the day should be created. All of the basic food groups should be consumed in ideal amounts, and care should be taken to drink water. Daily nutrients in a healthy diet 55-60%i from carbohydrates, 12-15% The i must be made of protein. Diversification of vegetables, legumes and protein-containing foods in meals creates richness in terms of taking different nutrients and meeting their vitamin and mineral needs. A portion of milk group should be added to an ideal main meal. A healthy and balanced plate is colourful, varied and satisfying.

People who follow a daily diet containing appropriate amounts of each of the vegetables, fruits, legumes, bread, oil seeds, meat group and dairy group foods become healthy-looking, energetic and waking up cheerful people in their daily lives.

The pyramid in the picture is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) It is one of the best works he has done to explain balanced nutrition. According to this pyramid, the foods that should be in our daily diet are listed from most to least. In addition to nutritional needs, WHO In order to emphasize the importance of physical activity, he also included exercise in this pyramid. As a result, people who expect a healthy and quality life should consume the food groups in a balanced way at the rates in this pyramid, and they should allocate a part of their daily life to physical activity.

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