Balance Center Affected

Stating that recently increasing wrong diet practices, diet rich in cholesterol and salt, sudden head movements and stress affect the balance center in the ear, Op. Dr. Haktan Ergin Bağış noted that especially rich foods taken with salt increase the inner ear pressure and patients who experience dizziness come to the clinics.

Emphasizing that the organ called snail in the ear is the balance center of the ear, Bagis pointed out that these patients present with recurrent dizziness, nausea, vomiting, falling to the ground, and hearing loss.

Stating that these people, also called Meniere’s disease, underwent a full ENT examination and hearing test, Bagis continued as follows in his written statement: Because each vertigo attack causes some hearing loss in Meniere’s disease. There are also ear stones in the snail. As a result of the displacement of these stones, patients complain of dizziness. Patients reduce their quality of life by displacing these balance stones with sudden movements. In addition, the balance nerves in the ear course anatomically side by side with the facial nerves. Any event that affects the balance nerves can also affect the facial nerves and cause half-facial paralysis. For this reason, patients with dizziness complain of difficulty in moving one side of their face and numbness in their lips in the future. “


Stating that vertigo is more common in the summer months, Bagis stated that recently, patients in the 40-50 age group mainly apply to clinics. Stating that patients in this age group usually come as a result of negligence and therefore the treatment becomes difficult, Bagis said, “Our patients should primarily change their living standards, quit smoking, stay away from dusty, damp, cold and infection-friendly closed environments, avoid sudden movements, and eat a salt-free and protein-poor diet. We recommend that our patients with vertigo attacks should lie still in a quiet, dark or dim light when they feel dizzy. Our patients should lie on the bed with their eyes closed and rest for 3 to 6 hours if necessary. They must pass inspection. he said.

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