autism spectrum

Autism is a complex developmental disorder that is congenital or presents in the first three years of life. Autism is thought to be caused by certain nervous system problems that affect the structure or functioning of the brain.

What is the cause of autism?

Today, it is not known what causes autism, but it is suspected to be genetic and there is a lot of research being done on this subject. However, the autism gene has not been found yet. Environmental factors are also thought to trigger autism. Autism has nothing to do with child-rearing characteristics or family economic conditions; Therefore, autism is encountered in all kinds of societies, races and families.

Autism is the most common developmental disability after intellectual disability. The prevalence of autism in the world is one in 150. Therefore, it is thought that one out of every 150 children in our country is affected by autism. In addition, the prevalence of autism in boys is 3-4 times higher than in girls.
What behaviors of your child might require an assessment?

If your child;

►does not make eye contact with others,
►If he doesn’t look when you say his name,
►pretending not to hear what is being said,
►if their eyes are stuck on something,
►doesn’t show what he wants with his finger,
►does not know how to play with toys as intended,
►does not show interest in the games played by their peers
► lags behind peers in speech or speaks strangely,
►says some words repeatedly and in unrelated environments,
►has strange movements such as swinging, fluttering,
► always acts in his own way,
►does unusual movements such as turning some items, lining them up,
►reacts excessively to changes in daily life
You may need to visit a hospital and request that your child be evaluated for autism.

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