Fortunately, it is not as unknown as it used to be. I mean, considering that 1 out of 55 births in the world is diagnosed with autism, I hope so.

I would like to start with an event that I experienced myself.. I am in my first year of university and an information seminar about autism will be held in a large scale.. I enter the engineering faculty and leave the brochure of the seminar to the students sitting in the canteen. And I overheard a conversation like this:

-Son, what was this autism?

-Well, it’s a kind of atheism..

When I heard this, of course, I immediately went back and told what it is and what it is not, and I have been telling it ever since.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs before the age of three, causes problems in socialization because it prevents communication and interaction, and its origin has not been fully determined, although it is hereditary.

When the individuality factor is added to its complex and difficult-to-understand situations, it can have a somewhat complex structure. However, individual training programs, family trainings, psychological support, training programs for the individual’s situation and needs, special education supports are created.

Children with autism tend to run, jump and move constantly due to problems in body awareness and movement systems. They may be aware of sounds that others do not notice, or they may be overly disturbed by ordinary sounds such as a baby crying or a garbage truck. Some children with autism may be very picky about the type and texture of food or clothing. They may seem to have no understanding of some situations and overintuitive about others.

It’s like a little bit of everything and nothing.

The only and most important thing that should not be skipped is good observation, a good special education. I have been working in the field of special education for 5 years and I have been actively experiencing that early diagnosis and treatment really saves lives.

What is good observation? There are children with autism who are noticed from infancy and education is started so early that they can reach the closest point to their peers.

So what should we observe?


-I don’t smile,

-Do not look at the face,

-Inability to respond to sound

– Indifference to activities,

– Inability to understand facial expressions

-Don’t look when your name is called,

– Inability to follow an object with the eye,

-Repeating words while speaking

-Inability to point to any object,

-Frequent swaying and turning around

Not having the ability to play with their peers,

-Situations such as overreacting to changes are common.

And of course, there is a psychology apart from the special education part of the job. The average number of individuals with autism in Turkey is around 550,000. And that means the psychology of 550,000 families.

The little touches you make to special children and their families are priceless.

Go out for a single day and go to any private educational institution. Hold the hand of any of these 550,000 families.

A lot will change, you will see.. In them, in you too..

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