Attentioner – what is my attention program?

It is a program developed to improve the attention of children in the 7-18 age group and to enable them to maintain their attention despite the visual or auditory stimuli they encounter in daily life.

It consists of 2 modules; The first module consists of 15 sessions of exercises applied to the child and the second module; These are 5-module family sessions that include work with families.

Developed at the University of Bremen / Germany.

It is a neuropsychological based program.

It is based on 2 fundamentals;

1- learning psychology

2- neuropsychological foundations

It is applied as individual or group work.

Purpose of the app

Target group: 7-18 years old children

Selective attention is improved.

Individual control mechanisms – especially the organization – are developed.

Socially desirable behavior is achieved.

A transition to daily life is achieved with structured parenting sessions after every 4 therapy sessions.

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