Attention! Under-Eye Bruises Can Be A Sign of Disease!

Eyes, which have an important function in facial beauty, can be perceived as a shadow of beauty, especially for women, due to dark circles. But the way to get rid of these rings, which can be not only an aesthetic problem but also a sign of disease, is to adopt a regular life.

Most of the time, dark circles can occur under the eyes for reasons such as insomnia, fatigue, stress, depression. These rings are more common in individuals with long and intense work periods and people who work with computers for a long time.

Dermatologist Nihat Özkan gave important information about dark circles or bruises under the eyes, which is one of the most uncomfortable situations for most people.


Under-eye bags or bruises are an important problem mostly for women. Saying that dark circles and bruises under the eyes may actually be a harbinger of disease, Dr. Nihat Özkan listed the reasons for this situation as follows:

“The skin under the eyes is sensitive and thin. Therefore, the first signs of aging occur around the eyes. In this region, sometimes in advanced age, fluid loss increases. Inheritance, that is, genetics, can be in family members if there is in the parents. It can also occur as a result of loss of collagen tissue due to aging, drinking less water is among the causes of this dryness. On average, it is useful to consume 2-2 and a half liters of water per day. Insomnia and fatigue are among the most common reasons for the formation of rings. Apart from this, depression, sinusitis, infections around the eyes, kidney and liver disorders, thyroid diseases, eye allergies, dry eyes, iron deficiency trigger the formation of bags under the eyes.


Since smoking causes circulatory disorders, bags under the eyes can increase, explaining Dr. Nihat Özkan, caffeine and alcohol addiction are also among the factors. In cases of pregnancy, edema, and menstruation, these bruises can be seen more frequently. Apart from this, excessive exposure to sunlight can also cause dark circles under the eyes, he said.

Saying that we need to pay attention to our lives in order to prevent the formation of under-eye bags, Dr. Nihat Özkan, regular life, reducing fatigue, drinking plenty of water can prevent the formation of these rings. Sometimes, without the knowledge of the dermatologist, there is a tendency towards herbal and cosmetic drugs, which is wrong. Definitely worth seeing a dermatologist. Because it is useful to treat the disease depending on the cause, he explained.

Dr. Özkan listed the treatment methods of under-eye circles as follows:

“As a treatment; radio frequency, mesotherapy, dermoroller, external vitamin K eye creams and externally vitamin E capsules also have benefits. Botox is also helpful in treatment. If the reason for the formation of rings is due to iron deficiency, it is useful to treat accordingly. In short, laboratory tests should be done by immediately applying to a dermatologist.”

Nihat Özkan also states that under-eye circles, especially kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, thyroid diseases, and sometimes very rarely, may be caused by liver diseases. He said that it is very important for those who have this problem to use high factor sunscreens, especially in summer.

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