Attention to Seasonal Transition!!

People experience certain difficulties during the transition of seasons, especially after the summer months, changes in weather conditions can affect their mental state negatively due to the beginning of precipitation and the decrease in sunlight due to cloudy weather conditions and the fact that people have to spend time in closed environments. With the seasonal change, there are changes in the basic body functions of the person. An increase in the need for sleep, an increase in appetite and a decrease in the energy of the person may experience a feeling of unhappiness and inner distress. When we look at the symptoms of seasonal depression, complaints about not enjoying life, reluctance, constant sleepiness, apathy, loss of energy, increased appetite, a depressed mood, attention and concentration stand out. The onset and duration of seasonal depression symptoms and the extent to which these symptoms affect a person’s daily life are important. Symptoms can be prevented with some suggestions offered to people.

* It is very important to benefit from daylight during this period. Even if the weather is cloudy, you should take a walk for at least 30 minutes daily and benefit from the daylight. It is known that regular exercise is protective against the risk of depression.

*In order to prevent seasonal depression, especially working individuals should pay attention to meeting the necessary light needs of their working environment and keeping the heat settings under control.

* Attention should be paid to a healthy diet and attention should be paid to the intake of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Any form of depression can be serious. If you feel or experience the symptoms of depression in any way, you should get support. It should not be forgotten that delaying the treatment of depression will significantly increase the extent of the disease.

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