Attention to Psoriasis Rheumatism!

We got information about psoriasis, which is a common skin disease in our country, by asking Medicana Samsun Hospital Rheumatology Specialist, Doctor Yeliz Zahiroğlu. Specialist Doctor Yeliz Zahiroğlu, who said that although she was diagnosed with psoriasis rheumatism, may not have Psoriasis in every patient, she gave the following information about the disease. “Psoriasis is a disease that can cause white, scaly rashes on the skin and scalp, and sometimes with red and raised lesions. It can also hold nails and nail bases. There may be thimble-like perforated images on the nails, as well as the separation of the nail from the skin, the formation of scaly lesions between the nail and the skin. He said that psoriasis can be seen in one or two people out of every hundred people in the society.

It can be seen in people who are related by blood.

Stating that Psoriasis Rheumatism can be seen in 1/3 of psoriasis patients, Specialist Doctor Yeliz Zahiroğlu said, “Often, Psoriasis starts before rheumatism. Although less frequently, psoriasis and rheumatism can occur at the same time, or Psoriasis can occur years after rheumatism. Psoriasis Rheumatism can be seen in patients with the symptoms we mentioned above, and it can also be seen in people who have psoriasis, although they do not have psoriasis, but also in the case of psoriasis, he pointed out that people diagnosed with psoriasis rheumatism may not have psoriasis.

May cause swelling in joints

Stating that the disease is seen equally in women and men, Specialist Doctor Zahiroğlu said: “It occurs more frequently in the 30-50 age group, but it is likely to be seen in children and advanced age groups. The signs and symptoms of psoriasis are very diverse. It can cause swelling in the joints of the fingers, swelling in the joints of both hands at the same time, pain and swelling in the knee, ankles, heel pain, swelling in the fingers like sausages may occur. There may be low back pain, back pain, neck pain,” he said, adding that these symptoms can be seen individually or together.

Symptoms of the disease

Stating that psoriasis rheumatism is not only limited to musculoskeletal system disease, it causes uveitis in the eyes and can result in vision loss, Specialist Doctor Yeliz Zahiroğlu stated that the disease can be associated with inflammatory bowel diseases with diarrhea and bleeding, and continued as follows: “In Psoriasis Rheumatism patients, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and death rates may increase compared to people without Psoriasis.

Treatment is individually planned

Specialist Doctor Yeliz Zahiroğlu stated that the treatment of psoriasis rheumatism varies according to the affected joint areas, the severity of the disease and accompanying diseases. Rheumatology Specialist Doctor Yeliz Zahiroğlu, who said that the treatment should be determined according to the patient, said, “A decrease in the quality of life and depression symptoms were found more in patients with psoriasis rheumatism. The contribution of joint deformities and skin lesions that can be observed externally in the patient is great. If patients are not treated, they can withdraw from social life. With early diagnosis and treatment, joint deformities and skin lesions that may occur in patients can be prevented and the disease can be stopped.

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