Attention to Indigestion Problem!

The biggest problem of many fasting people becomes the inability to digest the food they eat. Since there is no food consumption for a long time, the digestive system is at rest. Unconsciously, excessive portions at the time of iftar make the night difficult.

Eat your food slowly!

It is very important to eat slowly in order to feel the feeling of hunger and fullness rather than a digestive problem. People who eat slowly consume food by being aware of every bite they eat, and they know the point where they should stop eating. Thus, it does not put a sudden load on the resting digestive system.

Pay attention to the portion size!

5 minutes before iftar time, we feel strong enough to eat everything on the table. After 2 ladles of soup that is drunk slowly, you must have witnessed the sentence “How quickly did I get full”. However, the portions are always missing in people who consume their food fast. While 1 plate of main course is enough for a person, he also turns to the second plate. If you are someone who does not make a habit of eating slowly and exaggerates the amounts, always take less food on your plate and prefer small plates for meals.

1-2 hour wait for dessert!

Eating sweets immediately after meals will cause your blood sugar to rise even more. If you consume heavy sweets with syrup, you will have serious digestive problems. Prefer your dessert about 1.5-2 hours after you break your fast. Let seasonal fruits, milk desserts, ice cream be your priority. If you prefer Güllaç, try to consume it with fresh fruit and walnuts/pistachio without exceeding 1 slice.

Do not go to sleep by consuming excessive fluids!

After iftar, a lot of water, tea, coffee, and suddenly there is a very sudden consumption of liquids. Consume tea and coffee not exceeding 3 cups in total, and water at regular intervals. Use your tea preference for fennel. Thus, you provide support to your digestive system. Do not go to sleep by drinking a lot of water before going to sleep. Try to sleep with your head elevated so that your stomach contents do not come into your mouth.

Pay attention to movement.

Whenever you feel good, take a light jog daily. Some people enjoy walking before iftar and state that the open air is good for them. Some people, on the contrary, prefer to do sports later in the day. When you move, be your criterion. At this point, the only point you should pay attention to is not to do sports immediately after eating. After about 1.5-2 hours, if you do your favorite activity, you will feel much better.

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