Attention to heart diseases postponed during the quarantine process!

COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus that affects the whole world, is a disease that affects the lifestyle of the whole society. In this period, when social isolation and personal hygiene are of great importance, many people took precautions against the disease by closing themselves at home and minimizing possible contact with other people. The curfew, which has been applied for a while for certain age groups and those with chronic diseases such as heart diseases, helps protect the health of people. However, it is one of the mistakes made during the quarantine period that people who show signs of illness are afraid to go to the hospital. The fact that people with heart disease avoid going to the hospital for routine checkups and being examined during the quarantine period may turn into a bigger problem for these people who are already in the risk group.

What kind of a risk does the quarantine process pose for heart patients?

“COVID-19 is a more severe disease when it infects people with cardiovascular disease. If many heart diseases that pose a risk to the person’s life come together with the coronavirus, the risk of death is doubled. In fact, some studies have revealed that the death rate due to COVID-19 disease is 2.3% in healthy people, while the mortality rate is 10.9% in COVID-19 patients with heart disease. Therefore, it is recommended that cardiovascular patients do not go out of their homes during the epidemic, except for compulsory situations. Other people living with the individual with heart disease at home should also follow the quarantine rules and, if possible, should not go out. Even if you never leave the house, the products should be ventilated for a while before touching the product packages supplied from outside. When going out in compulsory situations, rules such as using masks correctly, especially social distance, washing hands frequently, and not bringing hands to the eyes, mouth and nose areas should be applied without stretching. People with cardiovascular disease may be advised not to watch excessive amounts of news to avoid anxiety and fear. In this process, it is sufficient to follow the information conveyed by scientists and official institutions.” He stated that in the presence of symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, fatigue, weakness and diarrhea, they should apply to the nearest emergency service by wearing a mask and said, “There is no clinical change. As long as there is a consultation with the doctor about heart diseases, it is necessary to go to the hospital.”

Can Heart Patients Schedule a Physician Visit During Quarantine?

“Depending on the risks involved, it is recommended that heart patients follow their own quarantine rules more strictly than healthy people and not leave the house unnecessarily. If there is a difference in the health status or clinical findings of the person and symptoms of different diseases are felt, it is necessary to go to the hospital. It is extremely important to continue to visit the doctor at intervals recommended by the physician for the follow-up of heart diseases and the health checks of the person. However, heart patients should also pay attention to social distance and hygiene rules during the visit to the doctor. Masks must be worn when going to the hospital. The patient can learn whether or not he should go to the hospital by talking to his doctor without violating the quarantine rules. However, if the person does not feel well or shows any signs of illness, he or she should apply to the hospital without delay. During the pandemic process, the prescribed dose and regular use of the drugs prescribed by the physician should be continued, and the use of drugs should never be stopped unless the physician specifies.

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