Attention, if summer is coming, let it come!!

Just days before summer and Ramadan, we were all in a hurry. We rolled up our sleeves to lose the weight we gained without realizing it during the winter months. Of course, I can hear you saying that every way is permissible to achieve victory.

You immediately hugged your computers and smartphones and found the diet that will provide you with the most weight loss in the shortest time possible. You started this diet to your death and you started to be unhappy thinking about what you should eat day and night or what you wanted to eat more and not eat. Moreover, things were not going the way you wanted. You realized that you could not lose weight in such a short time as before, and in fact, in how many months, you lost 3 kilos with the same method and then gained 5 kilos.

Afterwards, you decided that this issue could not be solved with diet alone, and you started looking for a gym with the thought “I guess I should do some sports now”. But it’s easy to say, you haven’t been doing any sports for 9 months.

You renewed your gym membership that you tried and liked every summer. Or you explained the situation to your spouse, sibling, or best friend and barely persuaded them to walk with you every evening. You said that the first weeks are always the week of getting used to the diet, you waited for the second week, then the 3rd week..

You started to do sports less frequently, using the evening organizations and work-home fatigue as an excuse, and you started to miss your private lessons. While he found many reasons not to exercise, there was only one reason to do so. If you were on a diet, getaways had already started from the 2nd week.

You finally gave up. And at the end of the process, you realized that you did not lose weight, but even gained weight, and you lost your belief in yourself. Now you have to go to the summer house or with a body you don’t want on your annual leave that you’ve been waiting for a year. The worst part is, you didn’t even realize that you’re deteriorating your health a little more each summer.
If we rewind the movie, we should not wait for the summer months to have a healthy weight and a fit sporty body. Every day you live, every month, every season should be of the same value, so your body always deserves this attention. Diets in which you are very hungry and will give you artificial weight loss do nothing but impair your health. It is up to you to listen to your body and determine the best nutrition model for it and turn it into a lifestyle.

Your dietitian has recommendations for you.

1- Include meat, vegetables-fruits, cereals and milk groups, which are the 4 basic food groups, in every meal.

2-Do regular physical activity. And let this activity be something you can sustain throughout your life.

3- Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

4- Avoid excess sugar, oil and salt.

5- Consume less alcohol.

6- If you smoke, try to reduce or even quit.

Finally, do not make healthy eating and exercise a task within a certain period of time. Integrate this system into your life; be at peace with your body and be happy.

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