Attention Brother is Coming!

The presence of a new sibling can be a difficult situation for a child to accept. While all the attention, love and affection of his parents are on him, sharing them with someone may cause your child to become angry, upset and jealous of his new sibling who will join the family. The process of accepting a sibling varies from family to family. Major variables; age of the child, personality traits, attitude of the family ..etc.

The child, who understands that his life will never be the same after his sibling is born, naturally begins to feel jealousy.

It is normal to experience a certain amount of jealousy. So how can you help your child in this matter?

  • First of all, it is a wrong attitude to ask the child if he wants a sibling. Because children’s decisions may vary. This is a burden they cannot bear. Only the mother and father can decide on a new baby to join the family.

  • You don’t need to make an extraordinary effort for him to love his brother. This can affect the process more negatively. You should give your child time and let him/her share all of his/her positive and negative feelings.

  • Make him feel that he is unique often. Try to play games with him and spend time alone. These would help him understand that he had not been pushed into the background.

  • Avoid burdening him with responsibilities beyond his age by using sentences such as you are a brother or you are an older sister.

  • It is important that both parents support each other during this process. Especially since the newborn baby needs the mother for a certain period of time, the father has more responsibility here.

  • Avoid making major changes in your life when a new sibling arrives. Continuing the life you once offered to your child is important for his/her adaptation. If you are going to make changes such as moving, changing schools, etc., it is useful to do these before the baby arrives.

Every child experiences this period in different ways. For this, if you think your child has a high degree of jealousy, it may be helpful to seek psychological support. We hope that the new brother who will join the family brings happiness to you and your child.

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