Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis is usually seen in children and may regress or persist in adulthood. Just
Although there are skin findings, asthma and hay fever may accompany it. with a chronic skin disease
atopic dermatitis is extremely irritating, such as dryness, tenderness, and redness in certain parts of the skin.
shows signs. This skin disease is usually found on the arms, legs, face and neck of children.
consists of.

The most prominent effect of atopic dermatitis is severe itching. Illness in infants, restlessness, sleep
It can cause problems such as imbalance and crying. Atopic dermatitis treatment methods
none of them can completely eliminate this chronic skin disease. It has no definite cure
The disease can be neutralized with skin care and atopic dermatitis treatment methods.

Atopic dermatitis disease, the irritating effects of which are minimized when kept under control.
In the treatment of the disease, keeping the skin area where the disease is effective moist is the main factor in the treatment and control of the disease.
constitutes the principle. Treatments recommended by a specialist dermatologist, keeping the skin moist, especially
Preventing the intake of foods containing additives in children is important and careful in the treatment of the disease.
elements that should be considered.

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