Athletic body aesthetics for men

Athletic Body Aesthetics for Men:

In recent years, interest in plastic surgery has started in men as well as women. In addition to the first interventions that come to mind, such as botox, skin care and hair transplantation in men, the curiosity of the muscular-looking athletic body with liposuction has now come to the fore.

Shoulders and chest in the upper part of the body, and the belly part in the lower part are the areas that tend to be fat. Sometimes, no matter how much exercise is done, no matter how much weight is lost with diet, body shaping with liposuction may be required due to male type breast growth, which we call gynecomastia, and fat around the belly waist circumference.

Especially in the past, what we used to do was to take the fat from all areas in general and direct the patients to sports and wait for them to improve their body appearance by building muscle on their own. In recent years, in the methods called beach body, athletic body, triangular body aesthetics applied to Hollywood celebrities, sometimes having a muscular and triangular body with silicone prostheses, and sometimes the six pack (baklava abdomen) appearance, which is created by taking it from one area and giving it to another area with liposuction, has become popular.

In athletic body liposuction, while all the fat is removed from the chest area and waist area, liposuction is performed by following the abdominal lines, which we call the Rectus muscle, only in the midline and mid-abdominal line in the 6-pack abdomen. The waist is thinned, the shoulders and upper chest are not touched, and the body is shaped in a muscular appearance by adding fat to the swollen parts from time to time in the 6-pack abdominal muscle pack. The same process is applied to the shoulder and arm muscles. Thus, a triangular athletic appearance is obtained with plastic surgery, even if it is fake.

In this type of shaping liposuction, the areas that need to be tightened and adhered are shaped with laser liposuction or body tite radiofrequency liposuction, which we call new generation liposuction. After the procedure, a corset similar to a wrestler’s swimsuit should be worn for 2 weeks to 1 month. The 3rd day is free of bathing. The 1st month is free of exercise. More effective results can be achieved if it is supported with sports.

Edema In the 2nd week, the shape begins to appear, and in the 6th month, the edema is reset.

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