Exercising muscles need food to nourish them. Recent studies also highlight the importance of proteins and carbohydrates for building muscle and increasing endurance during training. The first step before training is to get enough carbohydrates. An athlete who does not consume carbohydrates while training can be compared to a car without gasoline. Carbohydrates provide the primary fuel for muscle work and balancing blood sugar levels. The more glycogen stores in the muscles are full, the longer the body will be resistant, and it will not feel exhausted and fatigued.

High performance

• The effectiveness of the training is at the maximum level,
• Has a high level of concentration and attention,
• Disease and injury rate is low, recovery time is short in these cases,
• Its growth and development is at the expected level.
• Body weight and body fat are at or near the recommended limits.

The most important goals in sports nutrition; To protect the general health of the athlete and to increase his performance. In case of insufficient intake of energy with food for a long time, the energy required by the athlete is provided from the fat stores in the body. In this case, the weight loss (losing weight) Along with this, there is a decrease in muscle tissue, and with the loss of strength and endurance, performance decreases. In case of long-term excess intake of energy with food, weight gain (increase in the amount of fat in the body) seen in athletes above the recommended body weight; performance is reduced by restricting mobility.

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