Unfortunately, the only thing it can’t cure, no matter how far medicine advances…

I would prefer to be describing a steaming Ramadan pita or your carrot-cinnamon cake, which you put in the oven preheated to 180 degrees 20 minutes ago. However, unfortunately, the “pigs” that I will talk about today do not leave such good tastes on the palate and in the memories.

Of course, bloating is an act. We call the people who exhibit this action “pişkin” with a wry smile on our faces. So, who are these bastards, or “who are called poops?” Let’s take a look at the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association in order to find an answer to the question; As you know, this word, which originates from the verb “to cook” and is used to refer to a sufficiently cooked substance, has more than one meaning. The meaning we will consider is “a brazen person who conducts his business by behaving rudely and disrespectfully.” shaped.

I have no doubt that at least a few of them come before your eyes. Comfortable, wide and brazen in spirit, brazen ones avoid taking responsibility for their actions that have negatively affected the people in front of them, and they do not hesitate to appear before you as if nothing has happened, even though they have hurt your soul. Bloating, unfortunately, is not a psychological disorder. If only it were so, if we could get rid of this situation by treating such people. However, this weakness is unfortunately only related to the character and the spine…

The most characteristic feature of Pişkin is that they are deprived of seeing what kind of damage and resentment their actions have caused to the people in front of them. It is also not possible to explain the spiritual damage they have caused in you to the pussies. Because he probably won’t be able to empathize with what he’s done to you and “what’s wrong with that?” They will show another example of puffiness by saying, and they will cause your nerve coefficient to increase.

If you, like me, suffer from the rash around you, I’m sure you will like this quote by Bernard Shaw; “I learned a long time ago to never wrestle a pig. You’re both covered in mud; but the pig likes it very much.”

Assuredness; It is not to feel ashamed or feel any discomfort because of the hearts they have broken, the injustices they have done, the hypocrisy, deceptions, dishonesty, selfishness, opportunism, self-interest, flattery, dishonesty, “not being a man of his word, outwardly, brave, honest and fair person”. In other words, swelling means that the person’s artery is cracked, unfortunately, no matter how far medicine advances, the only thing it cannot cure will remain a crack in the artery.

Finally; “Let me share this article with them so that I can sprinkle some water and melt the fat of my heart.” If there are bulges in your life, you can still share the article, but frankly, do not hope in vain. Because while they are reading this article, they will not understand any message you want to tell them and they will not take anything in this article. Just like the bullies in my life aren’t getting anything on them right now.

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