Arm Lift

It is a surgery performed for sagging in the area we call the salt shaker area after excessive weight gain and loss, depending on age and because we cannot resist gravity. As it can be seen in women, it is possible to encounter this situation in men as well. It is a type of surgery that is frequently performed after a rapid weight loss program in recent times. This surgery is very comfortable. After the surgery, the person needs to rest for a week. Movement restrictions will return to normal after a week. It is an operation performed with local or general anesthesia depending on your condition. Especially the traces of the aesthetics done on the arm are asked by the patients. Since there will be surgical intervention, you will have scars. Although these scars bother you at first, they will be indistinct as they will take your skin color afterwards. If you have stretch marks for weight gain and loss, a great deal of it will go away in this surgery. You need to use a corset for an average of 4 weeks. After the operation, especially the limited choice of clothes will disappear.

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