arm lift

Liposuction and arm stretching (brachioplasty) procedures are performed in the arm region. between shoulder and elbow
In cases where excessive sagging occurs in the area, liposuction may not be sufficient. especially advanced
Age and when a large amount of weight is lost, sagging of the skin is evident. In such cases
If necessary, the fats are vacuumed and the excess skin is collected.

How is the operation done?
Generally, situations where fullness and sagging are moderate are encountered.
lipolysis application offers sufficient and satisfactory solution. With the laser effect with the elimination of fats
moderate skin sagging can also be recovered.
If excess fat on the arm is accompanied by excessive skin sagging with high elasticity, arm lift
With the operation, the sagging skin is removed and the adipose tissue, if any, is removed by vacuum. horizontal and vertical
In this method, which is carried out as a method, excess skin is recovered. A slight scar extending from the elbow to the armpit,
It is hidden under the armpit and on the part of the arm adjacent to the body.

What is the Treatment Period?
After the operation, which lasts for an average of one hour and is performed under general anesthesia, the patient
is discharged in After the procedure, there is slight pain for 2 days and it is recommended to wear a regular corset for 10 days.
It takes about a week for the bruises to heal. One day after the operation, provided that you do not lift heavy weights,
The patient returns to his normal life.

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