Arm Lift

Deterioration of skin thickness and flexibility is inevitable due to aging, weight gain and loss.
With increasing age, the structure and shape of elastic and collagen fibers in the body deteriorate and subcutaneous
shrinkage occurs in the fat layer. As a result, loosening of body tissues and
sagging occurs. If these sagging occur in the arm area, arm lift surgery can be performed.
can be corrected.
Stretching surgeries performed to correct body deformities due to sagging are quite common.
surgeries in demand. The most important reason underlying this is that patients have a lifelong bad
not wanting to stay in a situation and successful results obtained with aesthetic surgery. body contour
In correction surgeries, all regions should be evaluated as a whole and the regions should be
The proportions between them should be observed. Otherwise, the result obtained will not be satisfactory.
Evaluation Before Arm Lift Surgery
Sagging in the back and inside of the arm due to old age, intermittent weight loss and gravity,
cracks occur. The amount of adipose tissue accumulated with sagging is personal.
shows differences. Therefore, each patient should be evaluated individually. arm stretch
surgery (Brachioplasty) alone or with other stretching surgeries, tummy tuck, breast
It can also be performed together with reduction or breast lift, leg stretching and liposuction. Arm
Much better results when stretching surgery is combined with liposuction.
can be obtained. In this way, both the subcutaneous adipose tissue is thinned more and more skin
can be removed.
Where Are Scars Formed After Arm Lift Surgery?
arm lift surgery In the preoperative evaluation, the fat tissue in the inner and back of the arm
attention is paid to the amount and degree of sagging. In addition, the scar that will develop after the surgery and its location
detailed information about the patient is given. The scar is on the inside of the arm in arm lift surgeries and
It stays in the area close to the armpit. These areas are the least visible places when viewed from the outside.
Sometimes, in cases where there is not much sagging, the scars are limited to the armpit area only.
can stay.
In cases where the skin quality is good and there is no sagging, that is, only excessive fat accumulation
Liposuction is sufficient in cases with However, skin sagging with excess adipose tissue
If there is, stretching surgery is required.
After Arm Lift Surgery
Arm lift surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation. Inner arm and back
The sagging skin and excess adipose tissue are excised. In the same surgery, if necessary, the other arm
Liposuction is also performed on the areas. The incision site is sutured in two layers, at the end of the operation, the arm
wrapped in a soft dressing. Patients return to their daily activities after 4-5 days, approx.
After 10 days, the stitches will heal. Wearing a corset for 1 month after arm lift surgery
required. In this way, both swelling will occur less and the skin will be affected by the underlying tissues.
will stick and shrink. The surgical scar starts to fade from 1 month, after 1 year
prominence is completely lost.

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