Are you suitable for plastic surgery?

When deciding on a plastic surgery, the starting point should be the person himself. I recommend that you do not have plastic surgery because someone else wants it (even if it is your closest, spouse or friend). Immediate decisions are not considered a healthy behavior when deciding on surgery. Expressing your bodily defect during an argument should not lead you to a plastic surgery. Disagreements between husband and wife should not be the reason for a plastic surgery. (For example, a woman who learns that she has been cheated on decides to have surgery because she is worried about appearing more attractive to her husband)

Another example of unhealthy surgical decisions is surgery decisions taken in cases of depression. A person should not rely on a bodily change to get out of the pessimistic situation he is in.

There may be moments when the problems we face in life overlap and leave us breathless. Plastic surgery will not be a solution to get rid of this situation. Because the cause of all these problems is not our body flaws. No matter how good the result of the plastic surgeries performed in all these mentioned cases, it will not make the person happy because the starting point is wrong.

Talk to your doctor about why you want plastic surgery, maybe this conversation will confront your subconscious. A plastic surgery will cause permanent changes in your body. Although these changes are positive, you should make sure that you are psychologically prepared for them.

Your expectations for the result of plastic surgery should be realistic. If you have expectations that do not suit your face or body, your doctor will warn you and ask you to keep your expectations within reasonable limits. This is very important to avoid disappointment in the postoperative period.

The overlap between the patient’s expectation and what the doctor can do brings success. For this reason, the patient-doctor relationship is very important and should not only be limited to the patient’s examination, but should also include long discussions about the surgery, expectations, and factors that enable the decision to be made.

In addition to all this general information, there are also certain eligibility criteria for some plastic surgeries;

Nose aesthetics should not be performed until the age of 17 in girls and 18 in boys, unless there is any other necessity and medical reason.

Breast-related surgeries should not be performed at least 6 months after the end of the breastfeeding period.

Surgeries such as tummy tuck and liposuction should be planned after delivery until normal hormonal balance is achieved, that is, after an average of 1 year.

The most suitable period for prominent ear surgeries is the preschool period between the ages of 4-6. In this way, children can avoid being exposed to the cruel ridicule of their friends at school. If this period is missed, it can be done at any time of life.

Surgery to remove bad scars on the body for any reason should be performed at least 6 months after the injury.

The best results in aesthetic surgeries are achieved with the right surgery performed on the right patient at the right time…

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