Are you orthorexic?

  • Are you orthorexic?

overeating (obesity)and not eating (anorexia)with a different problem ‘Healthy Eating Obsession’ namely Orthorexia; It is a diet consumption that pays attention to the quality of the food eaten, sugar, fat, salt content, low energy, no additives, organic and fresh food rich in vitamins. One-sided nutrition can cause conditions such as excessive dependence on healthy foods.

  • Excessive dependence on healthy foods disrupts the mental balance!!

Eating healthy foods all the time, paying attention to not being freshly processed, consuming vegetables and fruits raw and obsessing about them can reveal an eating disorder after a while. In individuals who are no different from dieting individuals, this situation disrupts the mental balance, and this situation can lead to more serious disorders.

  • A one-way diet can produce different results.

Today, the perceptions that we have started to see in social media accounts, such as how fit we have, keep the shape in the foreground and lead us towards one-way nutrition. And if we continue to eat one-way with these perceptions, we may become obsessed with our nutrition and as a result, we may experience eating disorders. For this reason, we should eat a balanced and conscious diet without obsession.

  • Calculating daily calories

Nutrition, which has a wide area in life, is with us at every hour and every moment of the day. For this reason, thinking about how much fat, energy and vitamins I have taken during the day and being busy with them as an idea can affect our mental health. And these thoughts can slowly isolate us from social situations. It can separate us from our circle of friends. Eating is not a reason to isolate oneself from society and to punish oneself. Therefore, we should not forget that the obsession with eating healthy food is not healthy.

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