Are You Experiencing Your Emotions in a Healthy and Authentic Way?

What did you do while everyone was improving themselves in the process of going home? How did it make you feel to think that this process was a “gift” to everyone? Do those who constantly post happy Instagram posts, people whose life is “perfect” make you feel inadequate?

It is generally considered a good thing to always see the positive, to be optimistic. Most of us ideally do sports regularly, eat healthy, be kind to everyone, and always show a smiling face. And of course there are people who can do that. We see it often on social media. Is it that good? What percentage of these people are truly happy?

Gaba (2021) represents the new term “toxic positivity”, the belief that it is best to focus on looking happy, optimistic and perfect no matter how bad the situation. But what if you really reject a negative situation and focus on the positive? How healthy would that be? How healthy and realistic is it to see danger and adversity? Are you a toxic positivist? Evaluate yourself, here are the symptoms;

  • Denial of negative emotions: It manifests itself when bad emotions are suppressed and replaced by false optimism.

  • Ignoring natural emotions: Sadness, anxiety, anger are just as natural as happiness. Ignoring these feelings lowers self-awareness and self-esteem.

  • Feelings of guilt versus negative emotions: Emotions are reactions to situations. Having these should not create guilt. Guilt can be heard from maladaptive responses to emotions.

  • Not respecting the emotional experiences of others: People can feel bad, how much do you accept them? Question yourself. When your friends feel bad, do you force them to be optimistic and positive? By telling them you exaggerate their feelings, do you suggest that they should be positive?

  • If you get into these and similar situations, you can be a toxic positivist. Learn to embrace your negative emotions; your anger, your feelings of guilt, your sadness… If you have trouble accepting these feelings, consider getting help from a professional.

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