Are You Confident Or Are You Confident?

Although self-confidence is often confused with self-confidence, they are quite different. Self-confidence defines people who are comfortable in social environments, express themselves comfortably, assertive, extrovert, and establish easy relationships. These people may have very high self-confidence but low self-confidence. In fact, the person may exhibit a more extroverted attitude to suppress their insecure part. Being too assertive is like a fancy package that covers the parts of the person that they know are missing from the inside.

Accepting ourselves as we are results in accepting others and the world as they are. This is because of self-confidence. Components of self-confidence; is to love ourselves as we are, to value and respect ourselves.

How do we know if a person is insecure?

  • If there is judgment, criticism, humiliation or disapproval in their behavior towards others,

  • If he marginalizes those who do not think and act like him with anger and hatred,

  • If the most basic feature is intolerance to criticism, we can say that this person is insecure.

So, how does a self-confident person behave?

  • Does not try to change those who do not think and act like himself,

  • accepting the other as they are,

  • Respecting, valuing,

  • Being independent of praise, blame and other people’s thoughts,

  • We can say that a person who can stay with himself without feeling lonely is self-confident.

Children who grow up listening to their parents’ constant discontent, pessimism and daily life complaints in their childhood become pessimistic, insecure and feeling inadequate in their future lives. If the parents encourage the child and give positive reactions to what they do, they will make a positive contribution to his development and self-confidence; If they emphasize their inadequacies and do not support their success, the formation of self-confidence in the individual will be damaged in childhood. A sense of self-confidence can develop through a consistent and fulfilling love relationship. A person with high self-confidence does not care about a skill or feature that he does not have or does not have, but people with low self-confidence care a lot about their shortcomings. Accordingly, in order to increase low self-esteem, the individual should ignore the areas in which he is unsuccessful and focus on the areas where he is successful.

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