Are You Brushing Your Tongue?

It is very important to brush teeth at least twice a day to ensure the continuity of oral hygiene. The process with my toothbrush allows us to largely eliminate bacteria and food residues that have adhered to the tooth surface. However, using a toothbrush alone is not enough to maintain oral health and prevent bad breath.

Bad breath is caused by evaporating sulfur formed by bacteria on the back of the tongue, which the toothbrush cannot reach. The tongue is an organ that allows us to taste. Small projections on the tongue, called papillae in medical language, enable us to taste. Due to these small protrusions, we can compare the tongue back to the carpets in our homes. Most of the bacteria that cause bad breath accumulate deep on the surface of the tongue (between the protrusions), just like on carpets. These bacteria can only be removed from the surface of the tongue by mechanical cleaning. For mechanical cleaning, it is necessary to brush the tongue surface as well.

Tongue brushing can be done with a normal toothbrush. However, the most effective method for cleaning bacteria on the tongue is to use a tongue brush. Today, some companies have developed special brushes that can be used for both tongue and teeth. There are also special attachments that can only be used for tongue brushing.

Mouthwashes that are used daily help to remove bad odors thanks to their fresh smell and the chemicals in their contents. However, their effects are limited. If the bacteria on the tongue are not purified, they continue to emit sulfur and the bad smell starts again after a while. Therefore, we should take care to brush our tongue while brushing our teeth after every meal. Thus, we get a healthy smile and a fresh breath at the same time.

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