Are You Aware of Clenching Your Teeth?

Many patients with bruxism are unaware of it. With any disease, even if symptoms occur

may not be associated or until it is too late, injuries to the teeth and gums are very important.

It may not be noticed until it does.

• Do you have pain in your teeth when you get up in the morning?

• Do you have a mild headache or jaw pain?

• Do you have ringing in your ears?

• Do you have pain in your jaw, at the point where you open and close your mouth, on one or both sides?

The force applied to the teeth while sleeping is much greater than during the daytime chewing.

Therefore, it can cause irreversible damage in its long-term existence.


The important thing in treatment is to find the root cause of the problem. Therefore this

In the presence of complaints, you should be examined by your dentist.

Inconsistencies in tooth contacts due to newly made fillings or incompatible veneers

occurs, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

However, there are recommendations to prevent stress in the person’s daily life in clenching teeth due to stress.

Most of the time, it is not possible to prevent this. In this case, preventive treatments are preferred.

is done. ✓ If you have pain, a soft diet is recommended for a while. If your dentist deems it necessary, specific

may recommend hot-cold application to areas.

✓ Your doctor may prescribe some medications if prescribed.

✓ Reducing the tension of the jaw muscles with simple exercises to be done before going to sleep

can be provided.

1. Using your fingertips, gently and slowly circularly above the jaw angle

Massage with movements for a minimum of 1 minute.

2. Massage the muscles one finger below the cheekbone with the tips of three fingers.

3. Massage the temple area with your index and middle fingers.

4. Place your index fingers in the mouth, at the corner of the jaw, in front of the molars.

massage properly.

✓ Using custom made night guards

Your dentist will measure your lower or upper jaw and wear a night guard made of hard or soft plastic.

they are ready. These prevent a load on your teeth during night squeezing. Thus, tooth wear and

fractures are prevented.

In addition, the changes in your teeth are prevented, the natural position of the jaw joint is preserved, friction and damage to the joint are prevented.

By maintaining the original position of the chewing muscles, the natural chewing system is preserved.

✓ Botox application

Botox can be applied to the chewing muscles, but it is an expensive procedure and should be repeated every 6 months.


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