Are We Neglecting Our Children?

The fact of neglect and abuse of children has emerged as an important social problem from past to present. This problem, which can be seen all over the world and in our country, greatly harms the mental health of children and causes them to experience psychological problems that will have a lifetime effect. Especially the cases of neglect in early childhood can cause damage to children at least as much as abuse.

The World Health Organization defines child neglect as the failure of the person who is responsible for the child to meet the basic needs of the child, such as education, health, shelter, nutrition and providing a safe environment, or not taking these needs into account; Child abuse is defined as physical, emotional or sexual harm done to a child by an adult knowingly or unknowingly. When we look at the causes of child neglect in wealthy families, we observe that fragmented family structures, parental conflicts, apathy, attitude differences, alcohol or substance addictions, health problems or psychological disorders trigger this situation.

Families with low incomes try hard to make a living by working hard, these difficult conditions cause them to stay away from their children and reduce the time they spend with them. Although the socio-economic level of wealthy families may seem different from those of low-income families, the difficulties experienced by children are similar. Parents with high financial means, busy work life or giving priority to their private life, transfer the attention, love, affection and protection that their children need to the caregiver or employee, causing them to experience emotional difficulties.

Especially in the children of parents who exist in the house but stay emotionally distant and try to give their child their love with generous gifts, loneliness, introversion, communication problems, decrease in school success can be seen, and in cases of extreme neglect, risky behaviors such as depressive disorders, self-harm and suicidal thoughts can be observed. Children who have been exposed to not only emotional but also physical violence may also experience eating and sleeping disorders, fears and outbursts of anger. In the same way, the children of overly permissive parents who ignore their children’s negative behaviors, find their attitudes such as aggression or anger control normal, and approve of their child’s use of alcohol or cigarettes, may experience humiliation, humiliation, sarcasm, nickname-taking, criticism, substance abuse and delinquency. trends can be seen.

It is very important for children to be able to maintain their lives as healthy individuals, to build their future lives on solid foundations, and to feel safe. For this reason, it is very important for wealthy families to be aware of the neglect of their children and to come up with solutions to prevent this situation. It is very valuable for them to be honest and sincere with their children, to be there when they need it, to stay calm no matter what, to encourage them to express themselves, and to feel that their ideas are taken seriously. Avoiding continuous advice, critical or punitive approaches, and being more understanding and patient with them without allowing them to violate the boundaries will lead to effective communication with them. In addition, getting expert support in this process will help them to spend this period healthier and improve their family dynamics.

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