Are we corona?

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We continue to receive news that coronavirus cases are increasing again and test positivity rates are increasing. These news are an indication that we have to not be complacent and not to stretch the measures for a while, and to be careful to maintain our social distance. You know that the older ones and those with chronic diseases are at higher risk for the disease, and the disease is more severe for them and can end in death.
Are we corona? Malaria drugs, drinks containing tonic water, drugs containing quinine are not protective. The use of these may pose a risk to public health in terms of encountering side-effect problems, so it is not right to use drugs independently and uncontrolled from the doctor. Vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C supplements can be taken. The patient’s dry cough and sore throat worsen, and his solid and hard food intake may decrease. Therefore, soft, enriched foods and oral enteral nutritional supplements may be beneficial in meeting the nutritional and energy needs of patients. Linden, one of the herbal teas, is good for its mucilage feature in this process. Bergamot, lutein, and similar antioxidants and curcimin can help with milder recovery. honey and pineapple for cough; honey, ginger, turmeric will be good for sore throat. It is important to stay away from smoking and alcohol, to get enough protein, fluids and sleep. In addition, the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fat consumption should be reduced.

Footnote: It is not recommended to use food supplements unless there is an insufficiency or deficiency in your vitamin and mineral values ​​in line with your blood findings. Uncontrolled use of food supplements may cause some side effects. It has been observed that the food and herbal supplements used in most of the infected patients, especially in the fight against Covid-19, seriously disordered blood coagulation. People with cardiovascular disease and using anticoagulant drugs should pay attention to the interaction of many food supplements and herbal medicines with anticoagulant drugs. Especially; Dietary supplements containing vitamins E and K, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, coenzyme Q-10 or arginine affect blood clotting, so drug-nutritional supplements should not be used except under the supervision of a doctor.

It is emphasized that a Western-style diet rich in flour, sugar and trans fat will increase the risk of encountering complications after COVID-19. It is said that those who catch COVID-19 may encounter these diseases earlier in the future if they increase inflammation in their bodies by eating a Western style. Especially in obese patients, this situation is more and more serious. The structure of the coronavirus, the spinous extensions on the outside, are glycosylated, that is, sugar, and they are attached to the cells with this structure. So the more sugar, the faster and easier infection! ⁣ Sugar also weakens our immune system and makes us vulnerable to infections. Therefore, it is useful to stay away from sugar especially during this period. Another issue is that while the coronavirus infection is more severe in people with low vitamin D levels, there are studies showing that the severity of the disease decreases as the level increases.

I would like to talk about what we can do to strengthen our immunity, both for the coronavirus and to protect ourselves from the flu and disease in general. In many diseases, we first need to improve what we eat and intestinal health, and thus we see benefits in terms of treatment in many diseases. Nutrition is also important in the Corona epidemic, which we are now fighting as the world.

It is very important to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables of different colors, as well as to benefit from healthy protein and fat sources. My other suggestions are to consume at least 2-3 liters of water daily and to benefit from foods containing vitamin C. Instead of consuming a very high amount of a nutrient, consuming sufficient and balanced amounts of various foods should ensure that both macro and micro nutrients and other dietary components are taken.

In order to strengthen immunity, it is very important to take enough protein, especially to consume proteins with high biological value such as milk, dairy products and eggs. However, foods containing omega fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, B12, B6, pantothenic and folic acid, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc and some protein compounds for the immune system, which is responsible for clearing the body from toxins and microorganisms against free radicals, can perform this task. It should also be consumed frequently. Unilateral nutrition or insufficient intake of nutrients increases the body’s susceptibility to infections. In particular, we need to limit the consumption of foods such as sugar and sugary foods and beverages that rapidly increase blood sugar, pastry products including white bread, processed meat products, ready-made sauces containing excessive salt, chips, popcorn and salty cookies. It is known that stress suppresses the immune system and weakens us. For this reason, I recommend that we focus on activities that will take us away from stress, for example, taking regular walks, spending time for hobbies, of course, paying attention to social distance. And my last suggestion is quality and regular sleep. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day will also strengthen immunity.

Health comes first, take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay healthy…

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