Are We Avoiding Our Responsibilities?

We should not ignore that we have responsibilities to ourselves as well as to others. It is only when we can give to ourselves that we have something to truly give to others. For example; Let the parents, who do not know how to live, give advice to their children as much as they want and apply the rules, those advices or rules do not have the quality of a guide for the child in the future lives of their children. When people fulfill their responsibilities to themselves, only then do they value themselves.

People may experience events that they cannot cope with throughout their lives and that they describe as negative involuntarily. As a result of these events, they may blame themselves, get angry with themselves or feel lonely. In the face of such situations, they may run away from their own responsibilities. Those who are always in a state of sadness or fatigue use this situation to avoid fulfilling their responsibilities. They are tired even when they start the day in the morning and it is very difficult for them to do even the simplest daily chores. In one place, all these behaviors are also a message to the people around them. He lowers the expectations of those around him to fulfill his responsibilities. These symptoms begin in the daytime and usually end in the evening.

From time to time, of course, due to the intense pace of working life, people may be tired and run away from their responsibilities outside of work. What is meant here is that if individuals still keep their work on their agenda, even when the intense work tempo is gone, then they are running away from their own daily responsibilities.

They may limit their relationships with other people in order to avoid the responsibility of people living themselves. At times, they may ignore their own responsibilities by getting too involved with other people’s problems.

Sometimes we want our responsibilities to be taken over by someone else. Sometimes we take on the responsibility of someone else, but we also need to know how to say no to people when necessary. This is our responsibility to ourselves.

The energy we spend procrastinating our responsibilities is much more than the energy we spend doing it. We all have the right to be lazy or do nothing from time to time, but we need to exercise this right in the right place and at the right time. The things we avoid doing by saying we can’t are actually the things we want to do. It never crosses my mind what we don’t want to do.

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