Are the hemispheres of the brain an urban legend?

Are the Hemispheres of the Brain an Urban Legend?

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If we take a look at the differences and similarities between the right / left brain and the cerebral cortex / limbic system;

Left brain: Mathematics, Language, Logic, Discussion, Writing

Right brain: It seems to be related to Imagination, Color, Music, Harmony, Imagination.

While the cerebral cortex, which covers the brain like a wrinkled dress, undertakes rational and intellectual activities, the part containing the limbic system, called the old brain, reptilian brain, unconscious brain, performs more control of temperature, blood pressure, chemical value, etc., as expected. controls activities. (This is normal, since intelligence and intelligence were added to the brain later in the evolutionary process, through a long process).

In general terms, an urban legend claims that the right half of the brain controls the left side of the body, and the left half controls the right half of the body, while the right half in women is stronger than the left half in men. Although there is some truth in this, it is a false claim (we will look into this later).

We have a chance to try a couple of times on this. Listen to the conversation of the other person on your mobile phone with your left ear. Let that person call you “stupid” all the time. You will concentrate on the tone of voice, you will feel bad. Now listen with your right ear, it’s called “stupid” again. However, apart from the tone of voice, you will establish a logical cause and effect relationship. “Why does this man(woman) call me ‘stupid, dazed…“?

Try the same thing with a friend like this:

Swipe your eyes to the left while talking to the other person; let the other person say to you, “Darling, I thought of you last night at Boğaziçi Bar!”. Your comment will be: ‘Darling, he loves me, this girl(boy)! ‘ Now do the opposite; this time your attitude will suddenly change ‘ who did this girl (boy) go to the bar with, aboov he’s cheating on me!’

However, the ‘holistic system’ developed by neurologists and psychiatrists such as Daniel COLEMAN, Fred SCHIFFERS, Gared MORGON, Trevor BONTLEY and humbly myself, Neurologist Hugo CHOI, Neurologist Luigi BIANCA does not accept the split brain understanding in question.

Actually, yes, there is a compartmentalization of the type described above, but it is similar to a production line in a factory; All of the departments have methods, styles and processes that do not resemble each other at all (and they are even disconnected from each other as the worker working on one production line has no knowledge of the other line), but the final product is the result of the sum of these lines.

Again, in fact, if we had surgically separated the two hemispheres, we would have created two brains in the same head!

The claim of the Holistic System is as follows; It is possible to form Voltran as a result of preserving and combining all the features of the two hemispheres.

Ord. prof. Reha Oğuz Türkken determines in one of her studies;

Western people may have triggered analytical thinking and logic with left-to-right writing, and their way of thinking was shaped accordingly, but this “extremely logical” way of thinking killed emotions. Verbal culture has destroyed the power of memory and reminiscence. Naturally, writing from right to left gave strength to emotional-intuitive thinking and differentiated the Eastern Culture. This place naturally transforms nothing into everything, but in your imagination, in your consciousness, in your soul. Seeing a mirage is a reaction of the brain).

There are a total of 100 billion cells in our brain. 15% (15 billion) of this consists of neurons. These form 100 trillion dendrites and accent terminals, resulting in 50 trillion synopses. If we try to unravel these connections like a ball of string, they will travel 500 thousand km (and that makes a 1.5 kg piece of meat!) If we live for about 70 years, we will produce 15 trillion units/bits of information. 4,999 bits per minute, 2,000,000 bits per hour, 50,000,000 bits per day!!!

Let’s say we’re going to collect a computer similar to this one for our computer developer; We have to give the man 500 trillion dollars. The poor person cannot spend this money, because he needs 1 trillion watts of energy, so he has to pay the money to TEK. It has to be said that; The brain does not age and does not rejuvenate. We lose 10% of neurons present at birth every 10 years. We cannot produce a new one to replace the lost one. The brain consumes 20% of the total energy of the body. For this reason, it never goes into rest mode, even during sleep. The main reason for these 3 conditions is that the connections in the brain follow SERIES and PARALLEL paths. (Neurofeedback= Neurotherapy depends on this).

The main reason for this crazy speed of energy consumption of the brain has been understood in recent years. Researchers such as Alexander ALEKHINE, Moxwell MALTZ, Bernie ZILBERGELD, Arnold LAZARUS have shown that similar energy is used between real experience and visualization/imagination experience, and that the central nervous system is equally affected.

In the study of the Arizona basketball team, while 5 people were making free throws, 5 athletes only thought about this. It was determined that these 10 people produced almost the same amount of energy.

We will look at this plasticity of the brain in another article.

neurophysis. Duru Hakan Karabacak


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