While summer is approaching, many of you have already fallen into a diet rush, right? With summer knocking on our door, dreams of vacation, beach and sunbathing are at their peak. On the other hand, how to look in thin-summer clothes has already started. While this is the case, rapid weight loss has already begun. suggestions become incredibly attractive. Is it possible to lose weight in a healthy way with shock diets?

Let’s take a look at all this now;

1-The diet should be personal, it should be prepared and applied in line with the person’s own body needs. The diets offered to the market with promises such as 5 kilos in 3 days, 10 kilos in 1 week, which we call shock diets, are not personal.

2- In diet programs aiming to lose weight in a healthy way, the expected weight loss after the application is from fat mass. In shock diets, mostly water and muscle loss are experienced. The more muscle there is in the body, the higher our metabolic rate, that is, the higher the fat burning capacity. As the muscle mass in the body decreases, it becomes more difficult to burn the fat. The fat in the abdomen, waist circumference and upper legs increases day by day.

3- The main purpose of losing weight by dieting is for the person to learn adequate and balanced nutrition and then adopt it as a lifestyle.

4- Sudden water loss in the body after long-term starvation-based shock diet applications; It causes weakness, low blood pressure and dizziness. Headache and concentration disorder are frequently encountered in individuals who follow a shock diet.

5- If you reduce your daily calorie intake by half or more, your metabolism starts to slow down after a while. Due to the slowing metabolism, you enter a vicious circle where you need to take fewer calories to lose weight. Therefore, the permanent excess weight that occurs as a result of irregular weight gain and loss causes insulin resistance. increases the risk of diabetes.

6- During a shock diet, the levels of leptin and peptide YY hormones, which give us a feeling of satiety and control our appetite, decrease and the hormone ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, increases.

As a result; Getting rid of excess weight is of great importance for our health. You should act and seek professional support, knowing that the weight lost quickly will be regained at the same speed and will affect your health negatively.

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