Are Pregnant Women at Higher Risk for Coronavirus?

Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Taşdemir stated that it is not possible to give a clear answer to this question at the moment, but that all necessary precautions should be taken.

Pregnant women do not seem to be at higher risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus than other people, but there is still a lot we don’t know. Pregnant women diagnosed with coronavirus in China are treated in designated hospitals, and published reports of such cases only include dozens of them.

What is the risk of getting an infection during pregnancy?

One reason to worry about Covid-19 during pregnancy is that people are more likely to get infections like the flu when they are pregnant. This is partly because pregnancy suppresses a person’s immune system. Additionally, in the later stages of pregnancy, the fetus and uterus (womb) may begin to put pressure on other organs, including the lungs. As a result, some areas of the lungs may circulate less air, making them more prone to infection.

Prolonged high fever during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, may be the cause of miscarriage. There is some evidence that pregnant women are at risk of serious illness from the novel coronavirus-like viruses MERS and SARS, and these infections increase the risk of miscarriage. However, it is difficult to say for sure, because the number of patients for scientific evidence has not been reached yet. There are many different reasons that can cause miscarriage during pregnancy.

In case studies in China, it has been determined that it does not pass to the baby.

A report recently published by experts at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China involves four women who were infected with the virus when they gave birth to their four babies. All four women contracted the virus while giving birth. But it turns out that all four babies were born healthy without any covid-19 symptoms. As a result of the tests performed in none of the babies, the virus was not detected. However, according to current information from Wuhan, the Corona Virus was transmitted from the mother who gave birth to her baby. Health agencies advise new mothers who are infected to take precautions while breastfeeding, such as washing their hands and wearing a face mask.

Expectant mothers are advised to take more precautions during pregnancy.

It is recommended that the expectant mother take extra precautions against the risk of contracting any kind of infection and virus, within the scope of the risk that may be caused by the use of drugs during pregnancy. For this, they need to take precautions to protect themselves against disease, such as avoiding crowded areas and washing hands frequently. It is recommended that they have regular check-ups, eat healthy to strengthen the immune system, sleep regularly, and take light walks in the open air.

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