Aqualyx (Non-surgical liposuction)

Aqualyx is a microgelatin-based liquid solution containing 3:6 anhydro-1-galactose acid sodium and can be applied to almost the entire body to dissolve fat deposits.

It is a perfect solution for the elimination of the most problematic localized fat deposits, jowl, arms, belly and abdomen, inner parts of the knee, hips and calves, between the legs, trochanter region, lipomas, fat accumulations on the neck and breast sagging in men.

The number of sessions, depending on the degree of correction desired, the prevalence of fat accumulations and the special reactions of the adipose tissue, usually ends in 1-2 sessions to be applied every 3 weeks, and in 3 sessions in very problematic areas. This feature makes aqualyxi an incredibly fast and precise form of treatment and distinguishes it from other methods.

Aqualyx is injected directly into the subcutaneous adipose tissue with a thin, flexible and special cannula. Since the adipose tissue has almost no sensation and Aqualyx also contains local anesthetic, the treatment is completely painless.

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