Anxiety exam and what is anxiety?

Talking about exam anxiety goes through anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety: Sadness or worry about a bad outcome.

Anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences throughout their lives. People may experience anxiety before or after different events.

Physical symptoms such as tremor, palpitations, drowsiness, and blurred vision may occur during anxiety. However , a person cannot make sense of such changes in his body on top of the anxiety situation . He may automatically interpret some physical differences as having a physical ailment. With this thought, the anxiety level of the person increases even more. In fact, the sole purpose of anxiety is to protect us. However, events follow a process that will lead to negative experiences by affecting emotions and bodily reactions.

In the meantime, anxiety can occur not only after situations that threaten us at that moment, but also when we see it as a threat.

Imagine you are walking down the street and you come across an animal that may cause anxiety. When we consider this animal as a dog, the reason for your anxiety is that you think the dog will attack you. But while the dog’s attack is actually a possibility, the main reason for your anxiety is that you approach this possibility with certainty. Likewise, a person preparing for the exam has negative thoughts about the exam and has a high belief in these thoughts.

What is test anxiety?

It is the intense and active anxiety of the test taker that he/she will not be able to use the knowledge he/she has learned effectively during the exam and that he/she will fail. In fact, its difference from anxiety as a symptom is the content of negative thoughts about the event. It increases in relation to the meaning that the person attributes to the exam. The expectation and pressure of the family can also be effective in the awakening and persistence of anxiety.

What can be done?

You can review negative thoughts about the exam and turn them into alternative thoughts that will support you in preparation for the exam.

When you realize that anxiety is knocking on the door, you can turn your attention to another area.

You must accept anxiety not as an enemy but as an emotion that wants to help you, whose sole purpose is to protect you.

You can do relaxation exercises and consider your alternative thoughts again when your bodily symptoms subside.

I wish you exam processes where your worries are your friends.

let’s not forget

The exam is not an intelligence test. It just measures information.

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