Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders in children can last for a long time and can completely affect life. Children with anxiety disorders are in a state of intense fear, anxiety or uneasiness. Problems that are not treated early can cause an increase in school absenteeism, inability to finish school, and the prevalence of alcohol and drug use. Anxiety disorder, which occurs with the manifestation of completely unrealistic worries about daily life, can cause people to spend their academic or sports life in a state of constant anxiety. Children who are overly self-involved are also nervous and constantly want to hear reassuring words. Abdominal pain without any physical cause can be counted among the typical symptoms of this disease.

The Anxiety of the Parents’ Life May Reflect on the Child

Anxiety disorder is not a mental illness. Psychological problems, which are seen with a different eye especially among the public, are the problems that can be seen and treated frequently in many individuals and children today. It should not be forgotten that the anxiety of the parents is reflected on the children, and care should be taken to act as calmly as possible in such situations.

* Fear of school

* Microbes and

* Fear of being disliked by the opposite sex in adolescents can be counted as the most common causes of anxiety disorders.

Fears that were considered normal for a while can be replaced by anxiety disorders over time. Problems experienced after death or health problems that will shake the child himself and his family are frequently seen in the society. Exams in our education system can cause anxiety in school-age children.

What is the treatment method to be applied in such cases?

This situation, which prevents the real potential from being revealed, can be easily resolved with psychological treatment. By looking at the duration of anxiety, its effects on life and its development on social life, drug treatment can be applied under the control of a physician. Since such drugs can have different effects on each individual, care should be taken to maintain the process together with the doctor. For adolescents, treatment should be supplemented with psychotherapy in addition to medication. Play, group or family therapies will help regulate the problem as desired. Behavioral treatment practices can also be implemented for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders.

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