Anxiety Disorder (Anxiety)

Let’s first examine what anxiety means and what it means.

The word anxiety comes from the English word “Anxiety” and its Turkish equivalent means “anxiety”. In other words, we can call anxiety (anxiety) all situations that cause stress, fear and anxiety, which interfere with our lives. For example, sometimes; If you are having trouble sleeping, having trouble starting a new job or school, if you are in a mood or state of mind that will hinder your life, this and many other situations may be caused by anxiety (anxiety).

If such situations are now long-term and obviously affecting your life, disrupting or blunting some of your functions, we can call it an anxiety and anxiety disorder. We can say this for some special cases, if we feel anxious during an event and if this state of anxiety is constantly recurring and disrupting our lives, it is necessary to evaluate this situation through anxiety. For example, we can give an example of conflict with ourselves during the exam with accusations such as “I will never do it”, “I will get low grades again”, “what have I achieved so far”.

Anxiety disorder can start with a short or less anxious mood at first and then turn into a disorder that can no longer be controlled by the thoughts and behaviors we perform towards ourselves in our brain. Here it is necessary to pay attention to this. Anxiety and anxiety disorder are different from each other. While anxiety is a natural state of worry and stress, anxiety disorder is a state of uncontrollable anxiety and stress. Otherwise, anxiety is a short-term mood that can be seen in almost everyone in today’s world.

In addition, anxiety disorder can show itself to us with physical symptoms. These symptoms are; body numbness, hot flashes, restlessness, weakness in the legs, tremor, rapid heartbeat, irritability, feeling like suffocating, fainting, stomach discomfort, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, inability to fall asleep, dry mouth and tremors or tingling in the hands. .

According to DSM – 5 Anxiety disorders are a general disorder and in themselves there are specific types that disturb us. These types;

1-Panic disorder



4-Social Anxiety Disorder

5-Selective Speech

6-Generalized anxiety disorder

7-Separation anxiety disorder

8-Anxiety disorder due to another health condition

9- We can distinguish it as an anxiety disorder caused by substance/medication.

If you have these symptoms and types, you don’t have to worry because anxiety disorder can be resolved with the right method. If the symptoms are starting to show themselves, treatment will be better for you before your anxiety goes into a disorder phase.

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