What is anti-aging?

Anti-aging can be summarized as preventing and slowing down aging. It aims to correct loss of function and aesthetic appearance that may occur as a result of aging. Dermatologically anti-aging aims to eliminate the signs of aging on the scalp, hair and skin. Since the skin of people who have had psoriasis or eczema may be in a form incompatible with their age, it can be applied to these people.

What causes aging?

Cells have a certain amount of energy they must produce for life. As this energy is produced, unstable molecules called free radicals emerge. These molecules cause aging by damaging various structures inside and outside the cell. However, unhealthy diet, excessive sugar consumption, alcohol, smoking, sedentary life also cause aging.

What are the anti aging methods?

First, we need to find out the cause of aging. Then we will take our measures accordingly. With age, the muscle and bone tissue that bears all the weight of the body begins to decrease. The skin sags, wrinkles form. This is caused by all the environmental and physiological factors that the person is exposed to. If we know the factors affecting all this situation, we can take precautions against them.

Methods that can be used in skin care and anti-aging

Anti-aging creams: Methods that can be used as anti-aging should be applied from a young age. The skin should be cleaned daily and properly moisturized. The most important of the anti-aging methods for the skin should be to protect the skin from the harmful aspects of the sun. For this reason, it is necessary to use high factor sunscreen in cases where we will be under intense sunlight from a young age. In addition, anti-aging creams prevent wrinkles and sagging.

The methods to be applied in anti-aging should be applied regularly and should not be interrupted. In addition, the event should not be viewed only from the cream side. It is also important to eat healthy, exercise properly, and avoid bad habits such as alcohol and smoking.

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