anterior cruciate ligament tear

One of the knee injuries seen especially in athletes is anterior cruciate ligament tears. The complaint, which starts with a severe rotation in the knee, followed by swelling, then gives symptoms such as insecurity in the knee and discharge of the knee while walking or running. In the evaluation of the anterior cruciate ligament, examination of the patient and evaluation of knee laxity is the most important diagnostic tool. Anterior cruciate ligament tear is determined precisely by MRI examination.

In the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament rupture, anterior cruciate ligament surgery is unquestionably performed if the patient is young, an active individual, an athlete, or if there is a discharge in the knee in his daily work. In anterior cruciate ligament surgeries, tendons taken from the front of the knee (patellar tendon) or from the inner side (hamstring tendons) are placed arthroscopically with special fixation systems instead of the torn anterior cruciate ligament. These surgeries, called anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, are successfully performed in certain centers in our country.

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