Another Topic: Female Sexuality

Sexuality, like all other basic needs, is a natural necessity of life and one of the necessities of a healthy life is a healthy sexual life. A healthy sexual life plays an important role in a person’s relationship with himself and his environment. A man or woman with a healthy sexual life is self-confident; He is more peaceful in his marriage.

Although sexuality is such a necessary and natural process, it is not welcomed to talk about it in our country. Especially women; It is considered shameful for him to talk about sexuality, to express his wishes on this subject or the situations that he is uncomfortable with. However, women have the right to obtain information about sexuality, to have sexual desire and to express it, to engage in sexual intercourse or to refuse to have sexual intercourse at least as much as men.

The restriction of women in sexuality first begins with alienation from their bodies and emotions. This alienation dates back to childhood. Consciously or unconsciously, it is taught in the first years of life that sexuality is something to be ashamed of, with messages given under the name of shame. Compared to boys, the slightest opening in their clothes is a problem for girls. While the increase in sexual curiosity of boys in adolescence is quite expected for the society; girls have to hide even a natural cycle, which is an indicator of menstrual health.

All these oppressive attitudes cause women to become alienated from their own feelings and wishes. However, the first stage of a healthy sexual life is the woman’s recognition and love of her own body. First of all, you need to remind yourself that in order to know your body, you should not be ashamed of it. As a woman, you should be able to take care of yourself while naked. Before how the society or our spouse finds you, as women, you should answer “how do you find yourself, what do you want”. When you answer these questions, your self-confidence increases; You can express your daily and sexual desires and feelings more easily. Thus, your sexual harmony with your partner may increase, and sexual relations that make both parties happy can be experienced.

Another reason why women are alienated from themselves and sexuality is false beliefs in society. For example, there is a general belief in society that sexuality is the duty of women and that men should do what they want. However, this is not true. Sexuality should occur as a result of mutual decision as an expression of love. Any coercion, even within marriage, means sexual violence (rape). Another common belief is that women have no sexual desire or are always ready for intercourse. This is a very false belief. Women also desire the person they love at least as much as men and want sexual intercourse. It is natural to express this desire. However, this does not mean that they are always ready for sexual intercourse. Women also have the right to refuse as they wish.

Other rights of women regarding sexuality can be listed as follows:

  • Access to the highest standard of sexual health services, including sexual and reproductive health services,

  • Seeking and acquiring information about sexuality

  • Getting sexual education

  • Respect for bodily integrity,

  • Choosing the person with whom they will have sex,

  • Making the decision to live or not experience sexuality,

  • Having sexual intercourse based on mutual consent,

  • Marriage based on mutual consent,

  • Deciding whether and when to have children

  • They have the right to a satisfying, safe and enjoyable sex life.

Although sexuality is a natural process, sometimes problems can occur. Sometimes, women may experience contractions during sexual intercourse to prevent intercourse, or problems such as not being aroused or enjoying sexual intercourse can be seen. In the same way, conditions such as premature ejaculation or inability to be aroused may occur in men. Although these are very common conditions, they are sexual problems that can be treated. When such problems are encountered, you should go to the nearest health or counseling center and get help, without delaying or blaming each other.

Sexuality is a mutual love sharing process of two people. Both parties have responsibilities to make this happen. It is the responsibility of both parties to listen to, understand, and respect each other. There cannot be a sexual union that makes only one person happy. First, we should love ourselves, recognize ourselves, tell the other side, and express our wishes knowing our rights, and reject them when necessary. Only then can we be happy and healthy.

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