Angular cheilitis (perles)


Increased moisture in the corners of the mouth is a picture associated with saliva (especially during sleep).

While it is frequently observed in children due to the structural flow of salivary secretion, the presence of a fungus called thrush in the tongue and breast of the mother, or due to food, it may rarely occur due to nutritional deficiencies and diseases related to the immune system.

In adults, it is usually due to infectious causes secondary to mechanical or other diseases. Such as loosening of the structures around the mouth with aging, dental prosthesis and tooth loss, poor oral hygiene, smoking, atopic dermatitis, diabetes mellitus and use of isotretinoin treatment.

How Do We Diagnose?

Of course, it is a picture that can be noticed by dermatological examination. Our diagnosis is supported by the examination of the bacterial culture taken from the lesion area or the evaluation of the fungal test from the smear sample.

How Can We Prevent?

It will regress over time, especially in children, if it is dependent on food or saliva. If it occurs due to a fungal infection in the mother’s breast, it will regress with care about breastfeeding.

If it is due to nutritional deficiency or immune system, the picture is repetitive and support should be sought from a specialist in the relevant field.

In adults;paying attention to oral hygiene

Getting dental support in cases of tooth loss

Discontinuation of the drug or the end of the treatment if it is due to drugs

In cases that occur due to infectious causes, the treatment or regulation of the diseases that cause it (such as the regulation of the diabetes table of the diabetic patient) will mostly reduce the recurrence of the picture.

What Do We Use in Treatment?

If it is due to infectious causes, creams or pills containing fungi or antibiotics may be recommended for the cause.

Particular attention should be paid to dental hygiene; In individuals using dental prosthesis, removable prosthesis should be removed at night, cleaned and kept in antiseptic solutions.

In general, the mouth area should be washed with plenty of water after food intake and the skin barrier should be supported by moisturizing with lip moisturizers.

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