Anger after neutering

Anger is the name given to the mating period in cats and dogs. During this period, animals show behaviors that will attract the attention of the opposite sex with their reproductive instincts. Physiological changes occur in this period, which is supported by the body as a hormonal basis. These behavioral changes in animals can put people in a difficult situation in social life. In order to prevent these diseases, animals that will not be given the opportunity to mate are sterilized and their internal reproductive organs are removed. .

From time to time, it is seen that animals, especially females, which are said to have been sterilized, show signs of estrus again. This is a situation that should not happen under normal conditions. Because a female whose internal reproductive organ is removed will not be able to produce sexual hormones. A small mistake made during the operation lies on the basis of this situation. As a result of leaving a piece of the organ, a small piece that remains inside grows over time. This piece grows and causes hormone release as if it were an active organ. Although some sources say that the anger seen after sterilization is related to the hormones secreted from the adrenal glands, it is seen that a piece of the ovary is left in the detailed ultrasound examination.

In such a case in females, a detailed examination and, if appropriate, a re-operation is required.

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