Anesthesia Swelling

Swellings called skin folds are often observed in the case of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) and breech fissures (anal fissure), but there are many diseases that cause swelling in the breech. First of all, skin folds; It is also called sentinel pile, guard breast, sentinel breast and they do not differentiate between genders. First of all, the reason must be understood. It can cause complaints such as pain, itching and burning in the anus. Swelling, bruising or breast tenderness in the rectum can be seen in many diseases.

1. In hemorrhoid disease, there may be breasts inside or outside the breech, or both inside and outside the breech.

2. In case of cracks in the rectum, there may be breasts, which we call sentinel nipples, as in hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

3. In benign tumors of the intestine called rectal polyps, swelling in the rectum may be palpable.

4. Anus prolapse (rectal prolapse) may occur in cases where the breech hangs down, sometimes it can be accompanied by hemorrhoids.

5. Anal fistula or abscess; they are often accompanied by discharge or painful swelling.

6. Anal wart (anal condyloma / condyloma acuminata)

7. Tumors: Swellings are also palpable in malignant tumors of the breech region.

For this reason, the right attitude in case of palpable breast or swelling in the anus should be to apply to a General Surgeon who is an expert in the subject.

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