Analysis of the self – heinz kohut

Kohut started his book by claiming that narcissism is an early empathy relationship deficiency. He called the situations in which sexuality and aggression become pathological self-dissolution. He gave importance to the phenomenon of “me experience within us” in therapy. The therapist versus the client; should adopt an attitude that is indestructible, does not oppose and tries to understand the client. organization of narcissism; He stated that the personality of the archaic clusters was not integrated with the rest and that energy was invested in the wrong incomplete structures. He attached great importance to environmental factors and believed that the parent’s personality structure and traumatic external events underlie narcissism. If the parent’s child’s need to be touched at an early age cannot be adequately met, the need to be touched may shift to the field of “visual” (voyeurism). Inadequate mother will upset the balance of primary narcissism. The child, on the other hand, transfers the “grandizing self” or “the omnipotence to the parent imago” in order to attain perfection again.

Idealization Transference: It is seen with the activation of the parent imago in therapy. The object cannot be appropriately internalized if there is disappointment in the parents from the child’s point of view. The child becomes obsessed with archaic self-objects. This is seen as dependent (hunger for an object). Such people may constantly seek an authority to guide them. This type of transference refers to the pre-oedipal period. The oedipal period was first internalized as archaic. It is the “parent’s reaction” rather than the trauma that explains narcissism.

Mirror Transference: It occurs as the narcissistic grandiose self transfers its need for validation to the therapist. It has 3 forms: 1-) Expansion of the Arrogant Self (Cohesion) 2- The Other-I-Twinism 3-) Mirror Transference in Sense: In early childhood, the mirror function of the preoedipal mother has failed. Mirror transfer can extend to the verbal stage.

Goal in treatment: Fusion-Twinism—Evolution to the mirror stage—Then personality integration. (Oral and Anal sadistic elements disappear— Turning into Compassion element)

Self-experience is a prerequisite for an integrated self. The analyst’s task is to appeal to the Reality Self, not to serve the Grandiose (ID) or the Divided (I).

The Ability to Love: The object arises as a result of the revival of libidinal incest-oriented emotional bonds. The libidinal energy withdraws from the archaic objects and the idealized object and joins the ego. Towards the end of the treatment, the person: 1-) Empathy 2-) Creativity 3-) Humor and Wisdom increase.

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