Analysis from peripheral blood

2-3 ml of the patient’s blood is taken into a heparin tube (with a green cap) and stored at room temperature. A short-term blood culture is performed. The process takes 10-15 days. In infertile couples, in recurrent pregnancy losses, in couples with a history of anomaly pregnancy or birth with anomaly, examinations are performed on the father as well as the mother. In this case, the tests should be done before a new pregnancy plan. Reports should be submitted with genetic counseling.

Couples with two or more pregnancy losses (miscarriage, death in the womb, stillbirth) (even if they have a healthy child)

Couples who cannot have children (infertile)

Couples with congenital malformation and congenital anomaly pregnancy history

Neonatal ex. couples with a history of (newborn infant death)

Couples with a child history of unexplained mental retardation (intellectual disability)

Children with congenital anomalies

Mentally retarded children

Primary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)

Developmental delay, short stature

early menopause

Gender developmental disorders

Azoospermia in men

Family members with balanced chromosomal aberrations

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